A Marathon for their lives

Posted by Doron Atzmon, Israeli resident living in Sydney   I am running the Marathon De Sables in the name of Ilay Nachman and Rani Tachan. So far I have lost two family members who were very close to my heart. Ilay Nachman was brutally murdered by Hamas at the Nova Love and Peace Music […]

The Story of Paratroopers “Palsar”

Operation Guard of the Walls is at its peak and they are standing at the front line in the line of fire to protect the State of Israel. Soldiers fighting for us on the front lines are exacerbating their lives and protecting us and our country. Help us help them. Because that’s what we exist […]

“Tzuza” band in the piece “saved their souls” – PTSD

The piece was created as part of our exposure to PTSD with the aim of raising public awareness and exposing as many people as possible Choreography and directing: by Shlomi Elimelech Video Editing: Yoni Turgeman Music Editing Shlomi Elimelech Lighting Design: Yigal Cohen, Dancers: Graduate Rosh Ha’ayin

November 2020 – Training for the Health Officers Course

Psychologist Amit Paikowski – An expert on combat responses to the “real trauma” after Protective Edge about the treatment received by the combat loomers in the Rehabilitation Department of the Ministry of Defense – From a lecture that The “Shimru Nafsham” gave to the course of military psychologists of November 2020 – which carried out […]

“Post-traumatic stress” PTSD – symptoms of battle shock

We all know the word “post-traumatic stress” but few of us know what the character means and the symptoms of the note. Traumatic stress events can cause severe and lasting mental reactions. The immediate response to a traumatic event is a severe stress response – A shock “battle response” which is defined in the short […]

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