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Posted by Doron Atzmon, Israeli resident living in Sydney


I am running the Marathon De Sables in the name of Ilay Nachman and Rani Tachan.

So far I have lost two family members who were very close to my heart.

Ilay Nachman was brutally murdered by Hamas at the Nova Love and Peace Music Festival on 7th October 2023. 



Rani Tachan, who was a crazy ‘Iron Man’ and heroically re-joined the IDF and returned to Gaza to help free the hostages. He was killed four weeks during active service. 


Rani suffered from PTSD. However, even in facing such mental difficulty and with a wife and four young children, he felt that he could not sit back while others were out risking their lives to find the hostages.

Ilay and Rani celebrated life to the max. They appreciated every second of every day. They had such gentle souls and a beautiful, welcoming personality. Their smiles lit up any room.

I am raising money for PTSD and all individuals that are traumatized, following war. 

Marathon des Sables is a seven- day ultra-marathon that covers 250km across the Moroccan Sahara Desert this April 2024.



Everything raised will go to the HELPTSD.org charity below, whose sole purpose is to aid those who fight for peace but struggle to find it themselves, once the war is over. 

Support by clicking at the donate button below.

You can also follow me as I train for this ultra marathon, and then along my journey in Morocco. I will aim to post daily reports from this experience.

DM me if you’re interested and I’ll add you to my WhatsApp group.


Thank you so much, 


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