Welcome to the community of the IDF trauma casualties – Save Their Souls

The association of “Save their souls” is an association without profit intentions, which declared their purpose to assist and take care of the post trauma casualties and their families, during their military service, with the daily struggle against the post military service reality.

  • Professional psychological escort

  • Provide therapeutic phone response 24/7 and to be a sympathetic ear and first response to post trauma casualties.

  • A community that allows to help post trauma casualties for their struggle with the challenges throughout life

  • Establishing a house, a meeting place, among post trauma casualties for themselves and for the therapists.

  • Vast array of help providers and therapists, at all levels and roles

  • A struggle for mechanism repair (constitutionals, processes, organizational) which enables a proper, fast and accessible support.

The association assists the wounded warriors and their families, in the physical, mental and social process they must pass. The association focus on social activity, along with methodological activities of the alternative mind-body therapy, psychological escort in the individual level, and even group activities to organic teams from IDF fighting units, which its purpose is to benefit the wounded warriors mental situation, and to identify ahead of time soldiers with expected PTSD, thereby save them unnecessary wrong in their mature future.

בתור נפגע PTSD אני יודע שטיפול נכון ובזמן, ממש מציל חיים, לצערי אני גם יודע שהנגישות לטיפול כזה בישראל נמוכה מאוד

עיזרו לי לשונות את זה

תמיר פלג • מוביל ומייסד העמותה

A Nurturing, communal and readily available home

Establishing a home, a meeting place, for PTSD sufferers between themselves and with therapists, to create a forum for sharing therapeutic tools and support group meetings.

Professional psychological support

To be a listening ear, provide 24/7 initial phone support and form a community of dynamic therapists.
The organization employs a psychologist that provides it and its members professional psychological accompaniment and guidance, as well as group sessions for patients.
היות מקום מפגש בין מקבלי עזרה לנותני עזרה

Prevention and awareness

We work to raise awareness, early identification of distress, initial treatment and preventative action among officers and combat troops of the IDF, their families and relatives, and to make immediate treatment for soldiers who have gone through traumatic experiences readily available to prevent a deterioration of their condition.

Change the law

The army will be legally obligated to perform medical and psychological evaluation of troops after any encounter with casualties. The army will be obligated to record the story of the encounter, soldier testimonies, other testimonies as necessary and a medical evaluation in the soldier’s file.

צוות העמותה

Roy tzimer
Roy tzimer
עמית פיקובסקי
עמית פיקובסקיפסיכולוג מלווה
Lior Levi
Lior LeviExecutive Director and co-founder
Tamir Peleg
Tamir PelegCo-founder
Shlomi Hanuka
Shlomi HanukaDigital Manager
Gilad Baron
Gilad Baronקשרי חוץ ויזמות חברתית
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