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"As a PTSD casualty, I know that proper and timely treatment really saves lives unfortunately I also know that access to such treatment in Israel is very low. Help me change it."

The members of the organization volunteer to assist the wounded fighters and their families in the physical, mental and social rehabilitation process.

The organization places great emphasis on integrated social activity with methodological activity of the alternative field in therapy, Psychological support at the individual level and even group activity for organic teams from combat units in the IDF who’s purpose is to improve the mental state of the wounded fighters and locate soldiers in advance with anticipation of PTSD, thereby sparing them unnecessary injustice in the soldiers’ adult future.

You can make a change

“Shimru Nafsham” is a non-profit organization that aims to assist to IDF soldiers injured in operational activities and wars during their service.

The Background

The association established out of understanding the existing difficulty in the struggle with the injury and needs coming along with it. The association established from a private place of an association member, who had been injured and recognized by the system as a PTSD – known and clear, as if he was treated ahead of time he might could have come back to normal functioning and live much happier life, family and dual, and to be a part of the social fabric.

Throughout the years, he learned methods of mind-body therapy, to ease and assist himself to get over the injury side effects.

Nowadays, The association is being managed by a skilled and professional team, who holds an important position in the civil industry, out of duty and true desire to give another color to their lives, and to fulfil the management and professional ability in their possession, in order to give a better and healthier life to the known and unknown soldiers, and obviously to their families.

The Need

The State of Israel live through combat rounds in a high frequency. Soldiers are living through experiences which hurts their souls and leaves them without any struggling tools, while the common answer of the injured is “We have nowhere to go”.

For those soldiers, there are no dedicated therapy frame for PTSD.
The association has built treatment paths according to conversations with injured, and identified a real need for a place to be a social, therapeutic and comprising home for them.

The Situation

According to researches, 30% of the combat soldiers who participate in combats or event, experience a PTSD. Those soldiers are everyone’s soldiers. We have a duty for them as a society. We must embrace them and assist them – as much as possible, since we are all belong and connected to our brothers, that without homeland defense and the Jewish country – they were not there.

The situation today is that soldiers, after military service, are required to prove their disability to a system, which it seems like doing anything to make difficult and complicate, maybe out of a purpose to minimize the required expense for a thorough therapy in the wide-scale problem. In addition, there is a larger group of soldiers, who doesn’t even know they suffer from any mental problem. “The trigger” comes true towards maturity after about a decade, in the the late 40’s of their lives – the association had set a purpose to locate and take care of those soldiers, thereby reduce the mental disability of our soldiers.

The bureaucracy that the State of Israel adapted gets the opposite results. The system doesn’t create conversation among combat soldiers in the purpose of not “flooding” problems, and sometimes you might think in order to not take a financial responsibility for our children’s rehabilitation. This reality takes people out of the creative life circle, and makes the chance of their rehabilitation and recovery to almost impossible, among other things because the time component in the treatment of PTDS is critical, and the time passes until the therapy hurts deeply the opportunity of their recovery and rehabilitation.

Goals of the Association

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