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The latest documentation of "Team Unit"

When the fighters on Lieutenant Paz Eliyahu's team entered the Gaza Strip in Operation Protective Edge, they also took a camera with them and documented every moment. The deadly explosion in Khan Yunis on July 23 killed the team leader and three of his fighters and dismantled "Paz" Unit forever.

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Save Their Lives is a nonprofit organization that aims to help IDF fighters who were Injured in operational activities and wars during their service.

Who We Are

The “Watch for Them” organization is a non-profit organization that places at its forefront the support and treatment for military personnel suffering from PTSD resulting from their military service and for their families.

We work together to allow for early detection as well as proper and long-term treatment to assist them with the many difficulties that stand before them.

The organization aims to assist soldiers and provide a professional, nurturing and social environment to help injured combat personnel with their recovery, fulfilment of their professional and personal aspirations and help them return to the path of life.


To Establish a supportive community and a dedicated nurturing home for all combatants of the IDF suffering from PTSD resulting from their military service


We are here for those who gave their bodies and souls for the security of the state of Israel! It is our duty not to abandon our wounded on the battlefield

Goals of The Organization

The organization works to create a nurturing home and community for sufferers of PTSD, with staff providing therapy for both mind and body.

A Nurturing, Communal And Readily Available Home
Establishing a home, a meeting place, for PTSD sufferers between themselves and with therapists, to create a forum for sharing therapeutic tools and support group meetings
Professional Psychological Support
To be a listening ear, provide 24/7 initial phone support and form a community of dynamic therapists. The organization employs a psychologist that provides it and its members professional psychological accompaniment and guidance, as well as group sessions for patients.
Prevention And Awareness
We work to raise awareness, early identification of distress, initial treatment and preventative action among officers and combat troops of the IDF, their families and relatives, and to make immediate treatment for soldiers who have gone through traumatic experiences readily available to prevent a deterioration of their condition.
Change The Law
The military will be obliged to carry out a psychological medical examination and diagnosis after each incident with casualties for all the involved soldiers The military will be obliged to document the story of the case, the soldier's testimony, additional testimony if necessary and medical opinions in their personal file.
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"Shimru Nafsham" has developed an app (The Waze of our own), to provide professional services and information, FREE of charge and highly available.

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