Goals of the organization

The organization works to create a nurturing home and community for sufferers of PTSD, with staff providing therapy for both mind and body.

Watch for Them – mission

The “Watch for Them” organization is a non-profit organization that places at its forefront the support and treatment for military personnel suffering from PTSD resulting from their military service and for their families.

We work together to allow for early detection as well as proper and long-term treatment to assist them with the many difficulties that stand before them.

The organization aims to assist soldiers and provide a professional, nurturing and social environment to help injured combat personnel with their recovery, fulfilment of their professional and personal aspirations and help them return to the path of life.


To Establish a supportive community and a dedicated nurturing home for all combatants of the IDF suffering from PTSD resulting from their military service  


We are here for those who gave their bodies and souls for the security of the state of Israel! It is our duty not to abandon our wounded on the battlefield  

We are here for you

If you need tell your story, need advice or just need to talk
We are always here!

“We believe that with a little help you’ll be able to fulfil your aspirations and, as you have done before, you can beat this too.”


You can be a part of this

Take part in our community and give back to those who sacrificed for us